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BizTalk | Replacing Strong Name Keys

Background Strong Names provide .NET Framework assemblies with unique identities. When the .NET Framework loads a strong-named assembly for a referring assembly, it verifies the strong name signature. If the strong name signature of the assembly cannot be verified, the .NET Framework will not load the assembly. !Do not rely on strong names for security. They provide a unique identity only! Alternatively in our case, BizTalk assemblies are loaded into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

BizTalk | Deploying and Reading Secure SSO Settings

Background One of the fundamental parts to BizTalk for both configuration and integration applications is Enterprise Single Sign On, or as we will continue to reference as SSO from now on. SSO outside the bounds of BizTalk is an available service that is used to store and transmit encrypted user credentials. However, due to the nature of the service it is fairly generic, this has meant that many middleware applications and custom adapters have been designed to leverage SSO to securely store and transmit secure settings.