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Azure RBAC Key Vault | Role Assignment for Specific Secret

Background Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) provides fine grained control over access to Azure resources. Azure RBAC is founded on top of the Azure Resource Manager which allows us to provide access authorisation at differing scope levels ranging from the Management Group through to individual resources. With RBAC enabled key vaults we can manage access to the resource and data stored in the vault. We can also manage access for individual keys, secrets, and certificates.

Azure Role Assignment

Problem Space: I recently came into some issues with assigning Azure roles through a Bicep template and pipeline deployment. I was looking to assign ‘Storage Blob Data Reader’ to a service principal, and refine their access to only the container of the storage account. The three main issues that I ran into were: What are Role Assignment Conditions and how can I use them in my template? I am trying to assign a built in role, what is the roleDefinitionId that I should be using?