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Azure API Management | Logic App (Standard) Backend Using a Swagger Definition

Overview After setting up a Logic App (Standard) Backend in Azure API Management (APIM) in my last post, I wanted to try and see if I could create a Swagger definition from a Standard Logic App which could then be used to simplify the API authoring process in APIM. This post shows my methods of doing so. If you haven’t already I would recommend reading my previous post as this one will be working off of the building blocks of the last.

Windows Terminal | Azure Customisation for PowerShell

If you haven’t already, placing a customisation on your command prompt for PowerShell is a great way to gain extra context in given activities. For example, if you would like to have a comprehensive overview of your Git status summary information, then posh-git is for you. Be Careful: Adding customisations will bring latency to start-up One customisation that I came across that I really like is the cloud-native-azure theme using Oh My Posh.

Azure API Management | Purge Soft-Deleted Instance

Problem Space: Around June 2020 a change was made to Azure API Management whereby any deletion of the instance via the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, and REST API version 2020-06-01-preview or later will result in the instance being soft-deleted. This is to allow for recoverability of a recently deleted API Management instance, and therefore protecting against accidental deletion of the instance. The problem with this is that not all the Azure Resource Management tooling currently supports the management of soft deleted API Management Instances.