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Bicep | Deployment Scope Hopping

Background An Azure Tenant is hierarchically structured with the following make up: Tenant One or more Management Groups One or more Subscriptions One or more Resource groups One or more Resources Deployment Scopes {Tenant, Management Group, Subscription, Resource Group} allow us to deploy respective types of resources at each level. A Scope is dictated by two attributes, the selected scope level, and the identifier of the item at that scope level.

Bicep | Conditional Iterative Deployment

Background I have recently been looking at creating multiple of the same resource using Bicep. There is however a condition where I would wish for the set of resources not to be deployed. The following stages show my work through of this particular problem (using a storage account resource as an example): Conditional Deployment Conditional Deployment is used where you may or may not wish to deploy a given resource depending on the outcome of a given condition (if statement).

Bicep Template | Shared Variable File Pattern

Background I have recently been playing around with some of the Bicep functions when I came across a pattern by Microsoft called the Shared Variable File Pattern. This nifty pattern describes a method in which you can extract what would either be commonly used or complex configuration values away from your Bicep Template. Using the pattern will allow you to retain easy to read and manageable Bicep templates where you have modelled large variable configurations and or configuration values that are used repeatedly across your templates (prevents multiple copies of the value that would need to be maintained).

Automating Deployment of Azure Consumption Logic Apps | Bicep and ARM

Azure Logic Apps Azure Logic Apps is an Azure Integration Service (AIS) that provides you the ability to create and run automated workflows with little to no code. Consumption Logic Apps are developed using the visual designer within the Azure Portal. If you are new to developing Azure Logic Apps, there is great Microsoft Learning material to get you started: What are Azure Logic Apps | Introduction to Azure Logic Apps | https://learn.

Bicep | File Reference in a Git Repository Containing Spaces

Problem Space I recently started working on a Git Repository (not of my own creation) that had a repository name containing spaces. As a helping hand when a repository is created with spaces in the name, the spaces are replaced with %20 when cloned … Unless otherwise specified, however, this would then need to be specified whenever another user/pipeline clones the repo. See the git command below: git clone https://.../.../my%20repo myrepo My best practice answer would be, don’t create repositories with names containing spaces, but this one already did.